Community Partners: Faith Community

Church secretaries, pastors, and youth ministry leaders, regularly come into contact with individuals and families that are struggling with financial, housing, child care, counseling, mental wellness and substance abuse issues. As a faith community member you want to reach out and assist right then and there, but sometimes you may struggle with information on where to direct people for help. That is where 2-1-1 can help! Faith community members can use 2-1-1 as a resource.

From time to time faith community organizations provide direct assistance for the general public such as food pantries, bus passes, as well as other financial assistance. If your faith community organization is looking to expand the reach of your program, you may want to consider listing your new program in the 2-1-1 database. If your organization already is listed with 2-1-1 you may want to update your organization listing online in our 2-1-1 database. Keep in mind if you are listing a program or service with 2-1-1 it must be open to the general public and not limited to only existing congregational members.

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Partnership between 2-1-1 and the faith community provides our
citizens with a wide range of services in their times of need.