Community Partners: Health & Human Services

Health and human service professionals regularly work with individuals and families that are struggling with financial, housing, child care, counseling, mental wellness and substance abuse issues. As a health and human service professional, you are always there for your clients and can utilize 2-1-1 to research programs and services to assist them with as many resources as possible. In addition to traditional services such as counseling programs, child care information, financial assistance programs, etc., 2-1-1 also provides information on back to school and health fairs, where your clients can receive additional support.

From time to time, health and human service organizations expand their services and want to expand the reach of their program or service. In these situations, you may want to consider listing your new program or service in the 2-1-1 database. If your organization is already listed with 2-1-1 you may want to update your organization listing online in our 2-1-1 database. You may also wish to delete a program or service that your organization no longer provides which can also be done on line by updating your agency listing.

Grant writing professionals can also utilize 2-1-1 Community Reports in grant proposals to support the expansion of your organization’s services.

Community Partners - Health & Human Resources
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Partnership between 2-1-1 & health & human service professionals provides patients with a wide range of services when they most need them.