211 Tampa Bay Cares, Inc. Inclusion/Exclusion Guidelines

What is 2-1-1 Tampa Cares?

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2-1-1 Tampa Bay Cares, Inc. (“211 TBC”) is a comprehensive information and referral organization located in Pinellas County, Florida. It provides services to the residents of Pinellas and Hernando Counties in Florida 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 211 TBC strives for impartial, balanced and comprehensive coverage on issues, causes, resources and information in its service area.

211 TBC responds to requests through the channels listed below.

  • Phone 24 hours a day by dialing 211
  • Email 24 hours a day at info@211tampabay.org
  • Live Chat during business hours only at www.211connects.org
  • Facebook during business hours only
  • Twitter during business hours only

211 TBC’s referral database contains organizations that list with 211 TBC in Pinellas and Hernando Counties, as well as a list of available shelters beds in Pinellas County, Florida. The referral database is accessible free to the general public online at www.211connects.org. Updates and inquiries about listings can be made 24 hours a day by emailing update@211tampabay.org. Inquiries are reviewed and responded to by staff during business hours only.

These Inclusion/Exclusion Guidelines were developed in accordance with accreditation and industry standards from the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS). They will be uniformly applied to all current and new database listings in order to provide accurate information and referral services.


211 TBC does not guarantee referrals to any organization listed in the referral database. Organizations are responsible for assessing clients referred by 211 TBC to their program or service at intake. Either inclusion or exclusion does not imply approval or disapproval of any organization or service. These Inclusion/Exclusion Guidelines are not intended to discriminate against any organization or service, but are developed to protect clients being referred by 211 TBC. These guidelines were created to strategically focus 211 TBC’s referral database on the presenting needs of inquirers given the availability of its current staff levels.

211 TBC reserves the right to edit, change and publish or not publish any information and content contained within its referral database without the permission of the organization listed.

Governing Body

The governing body for 211 TBC is its Board of Directors. 211 TBC’s Board of Directors has reviewed and approved these Inclusion/Exclusion Guidelines for use and publication. These guidelines are reviewed at least every two years for potential revision. The 211 TBC Board of Directors has final authority over all inclusion/exclusion matters.


Grievances should be directed to the 211 TBC management and Board of Directors. Only grievances submitted in writing will have action taken to attempt resolution. Written grievances should be emailed to update@211tampabay.org or mailed to the address below:

2-1-1 Tampa Bay Cares, Inc.
Inclusion/Exclusion Grievance
14155 58th St N
Suite 211
Clearwater, FL 33760

211 TBC management and/or its Board of Directors will review a grievance and contact the requester as needed to attempt resolution. Notification of resolution will be sent in writing by either mail or mail to the requester. All grievance decisions are final.

Eligibility for Listing with 211 TBC

An organization must meet the criteria below in both the Minimum Qualifications and Inclusion sections.

Minimum Qualifications

At a minimum, any organization listed meet all the following criteria from one of the sections below in order to be listed with 211 TBC.

For organizations with a physical service location in 211 TBC’s referral database or call service area:

  • Physical presence where services are provided within the 211 TBC referral database or call service area.
  • Have a business with a physical location not zoned as residential.
  • Have been in business for more than 1 year.
  • Be a business in good standing with the State of Florida.
  • Accreditation, licensure and certification must be verifiable by an independent third party where business accreditation, licensure and certification exist.

For organizations with no physical service address in 211 TBC’s referral database or call service area and that provide services through the Internet only:

  • Must provide current and visible contact information about the author or organization on its site.
  • Content from a verifiable and credible resource, author or organization.
  • Accreditation, licensure and certification must be verifiable by an independent third party where business accreditation, licensure and certification exists.


Subject to the Exclusions below, 211 TBC will include the following in it’s referral database:

  • 211 TBC will include any government and nonprofit organization and its programs that address a need within the health and human service delivery system.

In addition, 211 TBC will include:

  • Political cause, issue-oriented action groups and services, and any other group or service that represents both sides of the issue.
  • Referral services that provide specialized information and referral and connections to screening and licenses businesses.
  • Infrastructure programs that provide vital information or registration.
  • Disaster preparedness and recovery focused organizations.

In addition, for clarification of the Exclusions below, 211 TBC will include:

  • Coordinating entities that can make a referral to a local support group associated with a national entity.
  • Local school boards that can make referrals to local schools.
  • Local, state and national political delegations of elected officials.
  • National and statewide advocacy groups.
  • Entities that fund health and human service programs and services.
  • Entities that fund health and human service programs and services.
  • Licensed child care organization mandated by contract from a local funding entity such as a municipality, United Way, children’s services’ council or foundation to be listed in 211 TBC referral database.

From time to time, 211 TBC may include selected and limited categories of for profit organizations and their programs that address a need within the health and human service delivery system.


211 TBC will exclude the following types of organizations and services from its referral database:

Any organization that:

  • Engages in fraudulent, discriminatory or illegal activity.
  • Misrepresents their service in any way.
  • Are not licensed in areas where licensing standards exist.
  • Provide services to their own members only.
  • Does not meet the minimum qualifications and the inclusion guidelines listed on this page.

Also excluded are:

  • Independent individuals regardless of accreditation, licensure or certification.
  • Independent support groups not associated with a national entity.
  • Individual schools.
  • Churches and places of worship that don’t provide a health and human service to the general public.
  • Political candidates.
  • Local advocacy groups not associated with a National or statewide advocacy group.
  • Service, coordinating and networking groups or clubs.
  • Individual recreation programs not associated with a government or non-profit organization.
  • Licensed child care organizations are required by law to be listed with the child care resource and referral database managed by the Early Learning Coalition. 211 TBC will not list these organizations unless mandated by local contract.


211 TBC maintains the right to waive eligibility criteria at any time. Exceptions to inclusion and/or exclusion criteria may be granted by 211 TBC management or Board of Directors at will, but will be documented in writing for future changes to this document.

Published: 09/19/2013